Invest in Cryptocurrency?
In the past financial experts said that bitcoin was a purely speculative product whose financial bubble would be imminent, the most optimistic analysts gave it little more than 3 years of existence, yet since 2017 Bitcoin and several other crypto- assets have been inducted by the largest stock exchanges in the world.

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Cryptocurrency investments

Crypto-currencies are extremely volatile values.

Therefore it is strongly recommended to have knowledge of market analysis and interpretation.

Investing in crypto-currencies is like investing in new technologies. The blockchain technology is for example used by most cryptocurrencies, their digitized encryption makes any fraud or falsification impossible, each new cryptocurrency has a production threshold quantified beforehand and a certain emission for some progressive, therefore once a cryptocurrency is made available on the markets no one is able to modify his production system.

The purpose of crypto-currencies is to offer its users a simplified solution of payments, secondly crypto-currencies aim to provide access to a safe haven value not impacted and not controlled by the banking system. However, a large majority of users use it solely for investment purposes.

The largest companies have made the cryptocurrency system their new battleground, the forecasts suggest that from 2020 we should have crypto-currencies associated with the most powerful companies in the market.

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